Continuously Monitor your business
with the Click2Drink

Simplify the life of your customers by giving them a maximum of information on
your dishes and menus: display of ingredients, comments, photos …

For whom ?

A digital solution for your restaurant

Click2Drink is a tailor-made application adapted to your business and your customer journey. It allows you to know more about your customers, their consumption habits and thus offer them a better customer experience. Click2Drink also allows you to significantly increase your revenue and the productivity of your servers.

A 100% customized solution according to your needs

A convenient and easy-to-use web and mobile application

Digitize and modernize your processes

A solution designed by and for restaurateurs.

A support
Our teams adapt to your processes and accompany you throughout your digital transition.
An intuitive dashboard
The dashboard allows you to track sales by establishment in real time, changing key figures and collect DATA.
An application to your image
The administrator interface gives you access to the complete management of your establishment: its map, its staff, its news, its graphic identity, etc.

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Discover the application, its operation, its strengths and its real added value. Our teams are at your disposal to introduce you Click2Drink.